Jenny surely know how to draw attention when walking down the street! She recently gave up high heels and body fitting dresses and started to wear some more comfy chic clothing pieces in bright colors and playful prints that help her look so different and original at the same time. Ladies, meet Hipster Jenny, the beautiful young lady who is getting ready to put together her summer edition of jaw-dropping outfits. So feel free to join her in getting the 'Hipster Girl - Summer Edition' dress up game for girls started and help her put together a few combos. Choose a new hairstyle for her making sure yo go for one which is both styled and a bit messy at the same time, then browse though all those beautifully printed dresses, sweaters, tops, jeans and pleated skirts and select the ones you like the most to dress her up with. Then go though the wide selection of accessories as well and see which pair of retro shoes, oversized framed glasses and which printed bag would best complete her hipster look. Have a great time playing the 'Hipster Girl - Summer Edition' dress up game for girls!